Lingam Massage

The word lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis, otherwise known as wand of light or magic wand.

Lingam Massage in Tantric Massage uses techniques and movements to stimulate all areas of the genitalia including inner and outer thighs, it consists of twirls, single handed movements, double handed techniques, shiatsu pressure points, lighter massage movements to the more intense motions.

This is also combined with breath techniques and visulizations, the lingam massage can be used as a wand of pleasure or a wand of learning to improve control of sexual energy.

Health Benefits of lingam massage:

Many people who suffer from premature ejaculation use lingam massage to help learn the taoist technique of prolonging pleasure and heightening sensitivity.

Many clients express a sense of calmness and bliss after a tantric session, due to the many healing qualities of the session. Sexual tension and intimacy issues are often dissapated following longer sessions.

This massage is incorporated within all full body massages – your boundaries are totally respected.


It is bodywork incorporating all pressure points and using ancient tantric and taoist techniques.

Contacting the Author: Tanya Eden

For Enquiries, More Information and to Book Your Session:

Email me:


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“Oasis of Tantric Bliss” The International Business Choice!

“Your Oasis Of Tantric Bliss” The International Business Choice!

An Incall Service Only…. ” Everything Is Prepared For When You Arrive!”

 Weekends, Weekday and Evening Availability…

Email Or Call NOW For More Information and to Secure Your Booking!


Is a Sanskrit word – Namaste means: “I bow to the divine in you”

Here is a link to a wonderful video explaining what Namaste means and why it is used as a greeting in authentic tantra.


Authentic Tantric Massage

Copyright Notice: Copyright infringement and miss use or blatant copying of content of my website will be reported. 

Be aware of other providers who are copying this content gentlemen!

Treat yourself to sensual bliss….. Tantric massage is, literally a full-body all over experience, which focuses on aspects of the person that a regular massage doesn’t give time or energy to. Full body sensuous massage will leave you feeling aroused, relaxed and blissful.

Candles, soft relaxing music, non-perfumed oils and an all over body experience – this massage does not include the face.

This massage includes all parts of the body, including the buttocks (external) and genital areas. Your boundaries are totally respected – prior to your session being confirmed we discuss the specifics of your session during a phone call. 

I do not book sessions without speaking to the client. This creates a greater connection and makes for an amazing experience for you!

This is a naturist massage and is done on a professional massage couch in tranquil surroundings – both parties are naked.

For fuller benefits of the tantric experience I offer tantric rituals combined with a tantric massage which gives you a deeper and moving experience.


I take bookings for 2.5-3 hours

Creating an “Oasis of Sensual Tantric Bliss” for You!



Premier Service – Gold Packages

“Your Oasis of Tantric Bliss”  2.5 TO 3 HOURS

I would recommend, as long as your budget and timing allows:
As a guide, at least 90 min massage and an hour of rituals

Ensuring that you have a powerful and deep experience.

The longer you book the more you experience during your session


The Chakras and Tantra

An example of one area that a tantric massage gives a lot of attention to is the balancing of the chakras. Which are considered in Tantra to have a major influence on the well-being of a person.

It is considered that if the chakras are balanced, aligned and vibrant then not only can a person’s health be restored to a balanced state, but their sexual energy will begin to flow naturally. Full body kundalini experience can be achieved with longer appointments.

Check out the video on this blog to find out more about Kundalini energy and tantra.

Alignment of the seven major chakra energy points in the body are balanced during your session.

Tantric Health Benefits
A one-to-one treatment, the aim is to build arousal energy. The stronger the energy and the higher the vibration level of the body, this is when our organs get cleansed and balanced, creating a whole body healing.  

All the pleasure chemicals and endorphines released are those that cure physical aches and pains within the body, the best self healing known to mankind.

I trained in Tantra in the only female and male temple in Europe. I am a Tantric practitioner and help people with intimacy and relationship issues and challenges. I have practiced Tantra for five years.

I have training in energy healing and have been working with clients for over 10 years.

Tantrika is the name given to a follower of any of the tantric traditions.

I have a number of regular business clients from The States as well as other international clients, that create space within their busy schedules, that are so impressed with the authencity of this service that they come back time after time after time.

Availability – I Like to be flexible for clients:

As my service attracts very busy, and hugely stressed City and International City professionals, that have specific windows for their sessions, I like to be flexible with my hours and days of working – to meet the needs of you. It is worth noting, that many of my clients book their sessions to fit in with their business trips to the UK and as such, tend to book their oasis of tantric bliss, well in advance to ensure that I am available, when they are free.

So with that in mind, I am available to receive clients Weekends And Weekdays and EveningsEnquire Early To Secure Your Booking, as Appointments Go Quickly!

Bookings are always discussed over the phone before being confirmed, making your appointment unique to you….

I require TWO HOURS preparation time prior to your session taking place, where I prepare the rooms and myself, physically and spiritually.

I only see one tantric client each day.

You are really interested in my authentic tantric service and want to find out more, or book an appointment…..What is your next step?

Early Email Enquiry, Followed By Your Phone Call Secures Your Booking, Advance booking is advisable to avoid disappointment.

Check Your Spam/Junk Folder For My Reply
I always respond to enquiries, if you have not received an email from me with my contact details and more information, please check your junk/spam folder.


When responding to this blog: please put in the subject heading:

“Authentic Tantric Massage And Rituals”

Please help me to respond quicker to your emails, and use the above subject in the subject line …anything else, like; “Hi” “Hello” or “nothing” in the subject line goes straight to my junk folder!


I look forward to hearing from you and arranging “your oasis of tantric bliss…”


Healing White Tantra Expert

Contacting the Author: Tanya Eden

For Enquiries, More Information and to Book Your Session:

Email me:


Photos – please respect my privacy

Please respect my privacy, I do not send pictures of myself to anyone, as I have an outside life which I like to keep private.

If you email me, I will send you additional information about my services, as well as a brief description of myself and specific location. This email usually answers all the questions that I get asked during a call and more that you may not have thought of!

My service is fully described, I am coming from a therapeutic space of healing white tantra.

This is all about you…moving into your senses and experiencing your body and your sensuality!


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Review & Testimonial – Mark, London, 10 December, 2011: Tanya Eden’s Authentic Tantric Massage, East London

10 December, 2011   Mark, London

“This was my fifth and most profound session I have yet to have with Tanya.”

The session started with a wonderful conversation that set me at ease, so much that I kept yawning and felt really open and ready for Tanya’s magic to begin. She reassured me that yawning was a good sign, an indication that the body was letting go of the mind.

Tanya helped start the session with a breathing practice which is so simple yet so important in getting the most out of the session and helping with achieving kundalini rising.

The eye gazing is marvellous and I asked if we could spend longer doing this which Tanya kindly indulged me with. It sounds strange but I got completely lost in the faces I saw which were people I somehow knew but weren’t people I actually knew at all!

The ritual undressing really helped me feel closer to Tanya in the session and enabled me to reconnect with her and create a mutual feeling of perfect trust. It felt so right to stand in front of her naked, saying here I am totally naked, open and ready for the session. I completely trust you.

The bathing ceremony was relaxing and sent me into a chilled state perfect for the massage itself.

The massage, well what can I say about that? After such softening up and put into a complete state of relaxation I was ready for the massage and for the energy to pass through my chakras. With each touch my body tingled and vibrated it was so intense, yet so perfectly wonderful at the same time. This may sound surreal but I felt so in love with myself during the massage. I visualised that I was being completely honoured and respected, each part of my body responded to each caress. I felt I connected with every living thing, the plants in the room even, and the universe itself. It was a deeply moving and profound experience. I felt bright light shooting out the top of my head during the most intense parts of the massage. Truly beautiful.

The result was indeed a wonderful state of bliss at the end of my session. I felt so in tune with myself and Tanya that each of our breaths were in true synchronised harmony. Our breaths and energy being shared and working as one.

I would not only truly recommend one session with Tanya, but keep going back and you will find yourself far more at peace with yourself, family, friends, the universe, I could go on. It is an experience that you owe to yourself. Tanya Eden truly works wonders with Kundalini energy and the chakras.

Tanya helped me find something that I didn’t really notice I’d lost! Find out for yourself.

Thank you Tanya, I hope to book a session with you again in the very near future.

Namaste  Markx                                                                    Mark, Teacher, London

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Season’s Greetings!

Wishing all my readers, clients and the ones who have yet to come in 2012 a wonderful Christmas and a sparkling New Year Celebration! For all those of you who have written comments on my blog, please accept my huge … Continue reading

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Review & Testimonial – Teacher, 21 October 2011: Tanya Eden’s Authentic Tantric Massage, East London

21 October 2011   Mark, London

This Was Mark’s Fourth Session And Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

As my session with you yielded such profound and wonderful results… the opening of the lotus flower, I decided I would try and encapsulate my feelings about the session, my tantric journey and my immense pleasure at having you as a guide and teacher …

Before I commence this testimonial I would like to point out that what I experienced during my session with Tanya was all to do with very personal and spiritual feelings and connections, and these don’t necessarily translate that easily into the written word. 

This was my fourth session with Tanya, my first three hour appointment, as previously I had gone for two and a half hour sessions. Was the extra half hour worth it? Most certainly it was.

This time I learned to control my breathing in order to ride the waves of bliss for my entire massage, well almost!

My whole body was tingling with electric charge staring from my base chakra and spreading upwards and outwards. Words fail me as to how to describe it. The closest I can get to is “sublime”.I felt wonderfully open and connected throughout the whole massage.

The key was focusing on the breathing.

This was also the first time I began to understand the undressing ritual. As each layer of clothing came off I allowed myself to become more open allowing Tanya to unlock and work with the kundalini energy within.

When I stood naked in front of her, while she was still clothed, it felt that I had given myself over for Tanya to be able to work with and heal my entire body.

As she finally undressed herself it was her showing that she was also open and a creation of mutual openness and trust was further created. The powerful music and mantras in the background beautifully accompanying and enhancing the ritual. The breathing and eye gazing were essential ingredients.

I had requested a longer time for eye gazing to further heighten the experience and the connection.

This brought a beautifully rewarding procession of visions, emotions and feelings. The final eye gazing ritual at the end of the massage was one of pure love, a truly beautiful end to the session. I am learning to love myself and share that energy with all that I connect with. I can live on this for weeks to come.

I told Tanya that before I started the sessions with her I considered myself to be in a state of depression, devoid of any real hope. Those thoughts have been completely banished as I am now on the journey to live away from my head and into my body and its feelings centred on the here and now.

I am a work in progress, I am on a tantric journey, a thrilling sensational journey. I am on the right path, a truly spiritual path.

Tanya you have worked wonders to transform me. I am truly thankful for all the energy you have put into me, and as I write and re-read my words the kundalini energy is vibrating throughout my body. Each tingle a connection to the love that I feel around me.

Thank you.   Namaste, Mark”                                                          Mark, Teacher, London

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Achieve Profound Levels Of Relaxation With Tanya Eden’s Authentic Tantric Massage And Rituals

Professional tantric experience with Tanya Eden, that will b*l*o*w* your mind and your stress into oblivion!

Feeling “Stressed Out” At Work?

Are you finding it hard to sleep at night? Hard to relax?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to get back off to sleep?

Is your body full of physical aches and pains? Stiff neck, achy back?

Suffering from Jet lag?

Is your mind full of thoughts that you just cannot switch off, no matter how hard you try?

Your authentic tantric session will eliminate all these problems within your session! Imagine what it would be like, if you mind was silent? Blissful!!!

This is your pure state of relaxation, only achieved within an authentic tantric session with a genuine practitioner.

Your session will give you deep and profound levels of relaxation…the regular comment I get is, “How did you make my mind go silent?” “I have never experienced that before…”

My authentic tantric massage and ritual session will give you the most amazing and therapeutic experience – your whole body will achieve relaxation and still the mind.

Great for jet lag!

You will not walk out with the stress and the aches and pains you walked in with – that is a PROMISE!

Oh and a lovely welcome side effect of my sessions is that you achieve a deep and restful sleep for days after my session.

My sessions are fully naturist (both client and tantric practitioner) and your boundaries are totally respected…I use warmed organic grapeseed oil of the highest quality for the most therapeutic benefits to you.

Authentic Tantra is all about surrenduring and receiving, without any requirements to give back or perform…in that place genuine therapeutic benefits can be experienced.

Allow yourself the total pleasure of having a genuine tantrika honour and worship your body as a temple, where you are enabled to experience total relaxation and tantric bliss.

This experience will be liberating for you and WILL have massive therapeutic benefits for anyone suffering with any type of physical or emotional stress or sexual dysfunction.

Amazing and therapeutic massage and ritual experience for those who are stressed!
Your session will calm your mind into total quietness and WILL obliterate your physical aches and pains.

Through a series of specific tantric breathing rituals and authentic white tantra rituals including, profoundly relaxing and sensual Ritual Undressing Ceremony and an amazing Bathing Ritual Ceremony where you are nurtured throughout, a luxurious massage with soap and water….

Moving into a massage that is fully naturist and therapeutic, working with you to balance your chakra energy points through to an amazing touch therapy massage that culminates in a Taoist lingam massage, which will be more intense than your normal experience, as specific pressure points and techniques are used to achieve amazing and powerful therapeutic benefits for your stress both emotional and physical.

You will be massaged from head to toe, most of my clients fall asleep, they are so relaxed!

My service is wholly therapeutic with 100% success for clients dealing with any type of emotional or physical stress.
I take great care to prepare for your session, and as such, only offer an incall service and my authentic tantic massage and ritual service in East London, is Close to City and Canary Wharf.

I operate a NO RUSH Service, as your wellbeing matters to me, and I only see ONE tantric client a day.

Your Entire Body Is Honoured And Worshipped By An Authentic Tantric Goddess…

Investment And Tantric Packages Available:

Check out my website for more information about my services, including your Investment And Tantric Packages Available:

And Email for more information OR Call to discuss and secure your booking!

While you are at my website, check out what others say about my genuine tantric service and their experience!


For more information, Call Tanya Eden, in confidence on:  07809 667 580 

For My Personal Safety, Withheld, Blocked OR Private Numbers And Text Enquiries Will Be Ignored

I look forward to creating your “oasis of tantric bliss”


Tanya Eden

Certified Practitioner and Trainer
Authentic White Tantra Expert and Chakra Energy Healer
Kundalini Massage Specialist

I Work Around Your Diary – And I Am Available            Heart To Heart Connection                                                     To See You: Weekdays, Evenings And Weekends

Call Me To Secure Your “Oasis Of Tantric Bliss!”

Booking In Advance:
Saves Your Disappointment…I Require A Minimum of TWO HOURS To Prepare For Your Session.

By Appointment Only… Call Early To Secure Your Booking!

Incall Service Only:
As it is not possible to re-create my sacred temple in your hotel room or home

This is NOT a Sexual Service – I am not an escort
As an authentic, genuine tantrika and practitioner, I do not offer sexual services, such as O*R*A*L or S*E*X – please be respectful and refrain from asking, thank you.

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Review And Testimonial – East London Teacher, 31 August, 2011: Tanya Eden’s Authentic Tantric Massage, East London

31 August  2011   Teacher, East London

This Was Mark’s Third Session And Tantric Experience With Tanya Eden…

Wonderful speaking to you and catching up with you today. You’re really keeping busy and so I particularly appreciated you taking time to speak to me on the phone. It’s been quite a tough start to the term, we’ve all hit the ground running! So although I’m far better equipped to connect and have the tools to use, speaking to you was a real tonic, an injection of connection! I don’t know!

Well as promised! As you’ve invested in getting me connected, testimonial volume 3 is the least I could do in return.

Different to the first 2, a lot calmer in tone I think, but far more! I trust you can grab hold of what I’m feeling!

This is my third session with Tanya and I am far clearer in my connections with, myself, my family, those around me, the universe! Each visit intensifies this feeling.

Since working with Tanya I am empowered! If I initially get things wrong, I sit back and and work out how I could have dealt with the situation better! I then put it into practice! I hear the words of encouragement (moment of epiphany!) that the work that Tanya has done for me, and I feel the vibrations. I connect again, excited and encouraged to face the world with a positive and happy approach to whatever I encounter. I cannot praise Tanya enough for helping me believe and trust in myself. To love myself, which is important!

My sessions with Tanya have made me realise that I wish to continue my immersion. I am now attending yoga classes to help with my breathing and body posture. My default setting over the last few years was to be negative and blame others, think the worst of situations! The default setting has ‘had its day’!

I said at the start of this testimony that each session brings a deeper understanding of myself and my connections. Tanya has encouraged me to find out more and I want to continue with my study of Tantra and Kundalini. She has awoken a hornets nest, and it won’t go back to sleep!

I look forward to my next meeting with Tanya, I know it will continue to get deeper! I will discover more about myself and connecting with those around me, my loved ones and beyond. Namaste”                                                                     Mark, Teacher, East London

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Review And Testimonial – East London Teacher, 18 August, 2011: Tanya Eden’s Authentic Tantric Massage, East London

18 August  2011   Teacher, East London

This was Mark’s second session and tantric experience with Tanya Eden…

I was hugely excited before my second session with Tanya and she spent a couple of telephone calls preparing me for the session and cautioning me not to have expectations of how it might go! “No two massages are ever the same,” I was reminded. I was also told that I should be prepared for a much deeper session, and ladies and gentlemen that is exactly what I got.

Tanya suggested I watch a couple of videos on her website, “Tantra and Love” and “Namaste,” both of which I watched several times when I couldn’t sleep the evening before my second session. These films provided excellent preparation for the session. For the first time it really dawned on me that you must truly love yourself before you can begin to love anyone else. Something that seems so obvious was made true for me as a result of the work I have done with Tanya.

The massage itself helped me have my first real kundalini rising experience. This is something I cannot truly explain as it was an overwhelming sensation. I recall making sounds and movements of my body, but it was all too brief. I feel that Tanya has guided me to this place where I can simply let go, trust her and work hard on my breathing to get the most from my sessions. All of the feelings that result in each session can be transferred to all other aspects of your life.

My favorite part of the session this time, and perhaps during the first time also, was not the massage itself but the eye gazing contact work Tanya did with me both before and after the massage. I definitely saw her third eye and felt the divine inside her. It sounds crazy but it is the only way I can describe it!

Thank you Tanya, I am growing to fall back in love with myself. I couldn’t go on being grumpy and cynical for the rest of my life. Both me, and those around me are worth far more than that. You have helped me to feel again.”

                                                                                                     Mark, Teacher, East London

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Review And Testimonial – East London Teacher, 27 July 2011: Tanya Eden’s Authentic Tantric Massage, East London

27 July 2011   Teacher, East London.

It has been into the just over 24 hours since I have had a tantric massage with Tania and I haven’t spent a moment since thinking about anything else. Selfishly I would like to keep Tania to myself but since the session I’m aware of the huge impact she can have on how you experience your life. Therefore I know it is only right and fitting that I share and convey my feelings of my session with her to you!

I went into the session with a healthy amount of scepticism but left Tania feeling very close and connected to everything, I felt something inside me that I hadn’t felt for years, if at all! I’m not sure I am making too much sense however my time with Tania turned a grumpy and cynical man into someone who could see the possibilities about who and how you are and think have a huge impact on outcomes and the responses you get from those around you, whatever the circumstance.

If you are feeling a little jaded and in need of a catalyse or facilitator to show you that there is a different path to take, other possibilities then I would strongly recommend you to book a visit with Tania. I know I need to find out more and will certainly be booking a session at the earliest opportunity. Just thinking about it makes me tingle!

The great thing about the session is that she is able to put you at ease straight away and invests a lot of time getting to know you and prepare you for what you are about to experience. I also experienced all the rituals as part of the session which gave a valuable resonance to the whole session. The breathing, the eye to eye contact, hands on hearts and bathing helped complete the experience, a sincere awakening!

The massage itself was a sublime experience and I felt more contented and at peace with myself, something that I had previously give up hope of feeling again. Tania is a teacher and facilitator in union to help you achieve the maximum from the session.

Just remember to breath and be open and it will be an experience that could change your life for good.

Thank you Tania, you made me feel extremely special.

                                                                      Mark – Teacher, East London,   27 July 2011

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Client Review of Session With Tanya Eden, June 2011: An American Writer

A Client Review of Their Session, June 2011: An American Writer

“Blessings to Tanya.

Usually when I’m looking for something I either don’t find it or it takes a very long time to find it. I found my wife by not looking for her, but it took me a long time. I prefer to find people and things I need by chance,  that way if I do indeed find them then I know that they are right and that I did need them. I had been looking for a Tantrika like Tanya for a very long time and I’m beyond joy that I didn’t give up my search.

As with my other experiences, I expected Tanya to whisper in my ear something about “special service” about halfway through my session with her, but from beginning to end Tanya proved that she is a real Tantrika. She moved through my session exactly as it is portrayed on her website and every part of my session was done with absolute respect for my well being.

I have had a few Kundalini risings during my life, but none was ever induced or facilitated by another person; they came about with through great mental strain or through meditation. I must say that I’m 100 percent satisfied that Tanya’s work is authentic, there is no doubt. Because I had had other Kundalini experiences, my body was open and willing to accept the release and joy of Kundalini. Everyone’s experience will vary depending on their state of openness, but whether you’re looking for more balance in your life or total union with the Cosmos, Tanya can facilitate your deepest desires – it is only up to you.

Working with Kundalini energy is not child’s play and Tanya deeply prepares for each one of her sessions. At first I thought, how much am I paying for this?Two-weeks on I’m still noticing the effects of her work: my chronic Sciatica pain, though still healing, has all but completely disappeared; I’m calmer and I even walk with more confidence as the Kundalini works in my spine; When negativity arises I’m able to immediately clear my mind and connect with the Kundalini energy as instructed by Tanya.

If you are looking for a sexual experience get a prostitute; but if you are looking for a path to wellness and balance in your life, then book a session with Tanya.”        American Writer

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Overcoming Pre-mature Ejaculation – Preview Article

Do you suffer with pre-mature ejaculation challenges?

Do You Want to Overcome Your Pre-Mature Ejaculation Challenges?

And the end is there before you have even started?

Do you suffer with Floppy Penis Syndrome?

Is your partner fed up with your performance in bed because of your challenges?

Do you get worked up and frustrated about your sexual performance?

You will surprised how many men have this problem…it is when a man becomes preoccupied with his performance and builds up a story within his mind about what is going to happen.

And then, interestingly, whatever you were thinking about – happens!! Ohh No!!!!!!  It’s all over in less than 5 mins……not good for you or your partner.

Interested? Want to read more…check out the full article at ny website:

I trust this article will be helpful to you and I would be delighted to support you in overcoming your challenges, so that you can obtain freedom from this problem for ever!


Tanya                                                                                                                                        Tanya Eden

Healing White Tantra Expert                                                                               Kundalini Massage Specialist

Authentic Tantric Practitioner and Energy Healer

Contacting the Author: Tanya Eden

For Enquiries, more information and to book your session: Email me:

OR call me, in confidence: Mob: 07809 667 580 – For my personal safety: I do not answer withheld or blocked numbers – they will be ignored.                                                                              

Website for males:

Website for females:

Tantric Sessions And Rates:

This is NOT A Sexual Service

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“Oasis of Tantric Bliss” The International Business Choice! (via Authentic Tantric Massage and Rituals)

I have added lots of videos to my blog now…lots of free relaxation videos which are educational as well as relaxing to listen to and watch.

I have also included some wonderful healing chants videos – that WILL create a state of relaxation within you.

Highly recommended are: “Tantra and Kuindalini” and “Kundalini Awakening” and the “Namaste” video is just divine.

Healing White Tantra Expert

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